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Useful Windows Tricks

Here are some fairly easy and useful computer tricks.


By useful trick we mean a Windows command that is not commonly used, a simple program that you have written, or a setting that you can change within Windows.

The first link on the left, which we called Magnifying glass and virtual keyboard will show you how to bring up a Microsoft Windows Magnifying Glass and also the windows virtual keyboard. This is quite usefull when you need to type foreign language characters that are not present on your own keyboard.

The second link which we called Computer time limiter explains how to control the hours of operation of your computer. In other words how to control at what time the computer can be turned on and at what time it will shut down. This little trick can be handy when your child has a computer in his or her room, and turns it on without permission, or outside of the allowed hours. In the same manner, the small buiness person who would like to make his computer non accessable outside of office hours can also use this trick.

In this section, we decided to offer some links to more advanced functions such as Out Of Office auto replies or On Vacation auto responders for email clients such as For Microsoft Office Outlook, Windows Outlook Express or Windows Mail as well as Mozilla's Thunderbird email clients. These links are also found on the Internet section of our site.