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How to open windows Magnifying glass & Keyboard

This is a trick that brings up a magnifying glass (Microsoft calls it the magnifier), or a virtual keyboard under Windows.

Utility manager (Using shortcuts)

You need to open up the utility manager, to do this, simply push on the following two keyboard keys : Windows start keyboard key which we call ( Windows )+ U


proceed as follows: start button then All Programs then Accessories then Accessibility and finally Utility Manager .

windows accessibility utility manager


Magnifying glass

Select Magnifier is not running and then on Start . This opens a window that allows you to change the magnifier settings.

windows magnifier settings window




Virtual Keyboard

Select On-screen keyboard is not running then on Start .

windows virtual keyboard


If you went to the French version of this illustration, you would notice an AZERTY keyboard instead of the standard English QWERTY keyboard. The keyboards are named so because of the letter order on the top line.

  • Foreign language settings:

To do this, you must have the language bar selected in the toolbar. Just rclon a blank area of the tool bar

Language bar selection

and this image will appear: toolbar language bar

By (left clicking the mouse) clig on the down arrow you will be lead to these options:

Language settings window

Once you choose Settings... your options page will come up:

Language input window

Just select Add... and choose your language. In this example we added French and German.

language input window with French and German

The next step is to first bring up the virtual keyboard as described above, and then to select the desired language in the toolbar. In this example, we opened a German virtual keyboard.

German virtual keyboard

Turning the magnifier or keyboard off

Press on these two keys windows keyboard key + U to get to the utilities manager again, and select Stop .


Utility Manager (Traditional method)

All of the above tricks can also be reached via traditional methods under windows.


Just select Magnifier, Narrator or On-screen Keyboard