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my project

The first step is to create a storage folder on your local hard drive. To make things easier, let's just create this folder on your desktop, and we will call it "My Project".


Let's create the "My project" folder

On your desktop, right-click somewhere, and select "new folder" and name it so that you can easily identify it. In this example, I will call it "My project".


Back to Dreamweaver 8 (DW8)

On the menu bar, at the very top of your DW8 window, select Site, then New Site...

Dreamweaver 8 New Site Page



New Site window

1- Write the name of your site, and leave the HTTP part as is, and click on next


Dreamweaver 8 giving your site a name


2- In this page, leave everything as it is, and click next

Dreamweaver 8 server technology choice


3- Locate the file that we created on our desktop, and click next


Dreamweaver 8 where to store your files on your computer


4- For right now, we will work locally, so select None, then click next.

Dreamweaver 8 how to connect to the remote server


5- Click on done

Dreamweaver 8 initial setup summary page


We are done. This first step took care of entering the essential information into DW8.


Advanced tab

If you happened to look inside the advanced tab, you will find the different sections that you entered just above. We will get back to the advanced tab at the end of the chapter (when registering the site)