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The menu bar

The menu bar has several groupings


I will explain only the first three groups (1, 2, and 3), as these will cover 90% of what you need to develop your project. The other groups are for more specific applications.

1. Common

Dreamweaver 8 common menu bar


Here you will see 12 icons. From left to right they are:

  1. Hyperlink icon DW8 hyperlink icon
  2. Email icon DW8 email icon
  3. Named Anchor icon DW8 anchor icon
  4. Table icon DW8 table icon
  5. Div Tag icon DW8 div tag icon
  6. Image icon DW8 image icon
  7. Media icon DW8 media icon
  8. Date (Calendar) icon DW8 date or calander icon
  9. Server icon DW8 server icon
  10. Comment icon DW8 comment icon
  11. Templates icon DW8 templates icon
  12. Tag chooser icon DW8 tag chooser icon



2. Layout

Dreamweaver 8 layout menu


3. Forms

Dreamweaver 8 forms menu


4. Text

Dreamweaver 8 text menu



Dreamweaver 8 HTML menu


6. Application

Dreamweaver 8 application menu


7. Flash elements

Dreamweaver 8 flash elements menu


8. Favorites

Dreamweaver 8 favorites menu3