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properties window

The properties window, which is located at the bottom has two areas. The upper area is always open, and the lower area can be opened by clicking on the down arrow situated in the bottom right corner of the properties window. The content in the properties window changes depending on what is selected. There are 5 main groups in the properties window.

  1. Text
  2. Image
  3. Table
  4. Layers
  5. Div


Text Properties

DW8 text properties window

In this window are the various properties of the text that you are looking at, such as format, character set, size and colour, bold or italic, margin to the right or left, or centered (this is just like any word processing program).

Just below that, and to the left of the Target word, you will find 4 icons that will help you make paragraphs.

You can see the changes by selecting a text section ( by passing the mouse over it with left click down and highlighting) and clicking on one of the icons. To undo the change, simply click on CTRL + Z simultaneously.

The Link drop down window allows you to make a link to another page in your project, to an existing site ( insert the complete path i.e., or to a named anchor (we'll get to that later).

The Target menu window becomes active once a link has been put in place. It lets us know if the link will transfer to a spot on the current page or on a new opening on the internet.

The Style menu bar has to do with the CSS (cascading style sheets) which is a subject that we will cover later.



Image properties

DW8 image properties window


This is very similar to the text properties area, it also has several drop down menus in both zones.

The upper area gives general information about the image

Don't forget to name your image in the cell just to the left of the letter H

Dimensions: H and W (It is preferable to change the size of your picture inside your drawing, photo, or picture editing program)

Src: is the location of the picture (image) on your hard drive

Link: here you can create a link to another page or area

Class: this has to do with CSS

Edit: this has to do with your drawing program

Lower Area: relates to the image attributes

Map: name given to an area that is modified by the icons just below

V or H space: for Vertical or Horizontal control

Border: Insert a number, 1 or 2 (not too big) to create a border around the image

Align: To position your image on your page



Table Properties

The Table section has 4 windows, depending on the selection. As with the previous, there is an area that deals with dimensions and the other with an overview.

The functions are the same as in the text properties.

The Class or Style segments are part of the CSS

Table selections:


Complete Table selection

DW8 complete table selection window


Line Table selection

DW8 line table selection window


Column Table selection

DW8 column table selection window


Cell Table selection

DW8 cell table selection window


Layer properties

DW8 layer properties window

At this stage it is recommended that you are familiar with the Templates CSS

Div Tag properties

DW8 div tag properties window

At this stage it is recommended that you are familiar with the Div CSS