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navigation window

This area is usually on the right side of Dreamweaver. It has several tabs.

  • CSS
  • Application
  • Tag Inspector
  • Files
  • Frames

We will concentrate on the Files tab, which is an important navigation pane in the construction of your project.

DW8 navigation window

The Files Tab

In files, you will find the structure of your project as it is on your hard drive, or the organisational tree of "My Project" and all its contents (HTML pages).

Notice that there are several sub-tabs:

  1. Files
  2. Assets
  3. Snippets


Sub-tab Files

DW8 files tab

Let us just go back to properties once more. You will notice a a round icon


DW8 link on the properties window

First double click on Project.html in the files tab, this will open a blank page in the display page of DW8.

If you click and hold down while moving the mouse to a file, the link cell fills in automatically.


DW8 link to project

This is a very handy!!!

In the same manner, you can link to an anchor point that is on the same page, or on another page (this other page must be active in the main display page of dreamweaver (Zone 1). And just in case I forgot to tell you haw to place the anchor there, just click your cursor on the desired spot, and then go up to the menu tab and click on the anchor.

DW8 link to anchor

Sub-tab Assets

DW8 assets tab


This is where your images are. Dreamweaver 8 gives you a preview of it, and you can insert it into your page by dragging and dropping it in your chosen location.


The other icons work the same way.