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Layers are identical to DIV.

The difference is that the layers float, and can be placed anywhere on your page with the L and T adjustments in the properties window (bottom picture).


Inserting a layer

There are two methods for inserting a layer.

  • The first

(This is the same as for a Div)

cga on the third icon (see below)

How to insert a layer

The cursor of your mouse becomes a cross on your project. Now you just make a rectangle in the area you want it located by maintaining a srgand dragging your mouse to form the desired shape.

  • The second

This one is easier I find.

Everything is in the CSS already.

You will find the explanations in the CSS editor subject page.



Unlike the Div Tag, the Template properties has more adjustments.

template properties

Indeed, it has mini CSS's that you can find in the lower part.