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Tag inspector

Tags are HTML code that define elements in the page.

Every element can be given an attribute (a style, a class...), or certain behaviours (execution of a script)


The P Tag (Paragraph)

<P> (text) elements</P>

On that simple line, we added 2 styles that are called bold and selection. These styles are included in the CSS. As you know, different styles or classes will give your page a personalized look.



1- The attributes

Tag display attributes

If you click anywhere on your page, you will immediately see the attributes of your page associated with that TAG.

This masking is how you create title messages that appear when the mouse hovers over a spot.

Example: Place your mouse over this spot.

2- Behaviour

Tag behaviours

This is the area where you can insert a script (Java Script) with the + icon. We will not cover that subject for now. Indeed, you would need to know script or HTML language.