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save my project

This is the final phase.

In the first chapter, we talked about the advanced tab. This is where we have to go now.


Domain name

Before anything else, you must chose a domain name. In other words, the name of your site, for instance:

Make sure that the name is available. There are sites that can let you know if it is.



The web site host is either a free one, or one that will host your web site for a fee. It all depends on the purpose of your site. The host will tell you what you need to do to install your project on the web. For free sites, these are generally sites that Internet service providers (ISP) offer to subscribers to their services, and they are usually restricted top non commercial use. In this case your address would look more like


Dreamweaver 8 FTP

FTP stands for File Transport Protocol, and it is through the use of an FTP that you upload your website to the host. To connect with the web-hosting company, you will have to access the built in FTP program of Dreamweaver, which you can find under the advanced tab of the New Site project (See the first chapter).


Dreamweaver FTP control window


Now all you have to do is fill in the empty boxes

Host name:

User name:


Select passive mode (if you encounter problems, try without that selection)

There you go....


We're done