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basic javascript commands

There are many JavaScript commands. We will explain some of the simpler and more functional ones.


Javascript commands are always included in the html code.

IMPORTANT: Every JavaScript command line must end with a semicolon ";"


<script type="texte/javascript">


Basic Rules

A JavaScript command is somewhat like a function. It is allways followed by parenthesis or brackets

CmdeName("code") ;

The code itself is between quotation marks

CmdeName("code") ;

If your code is already between quote marks then you can put apostrophes

CmdeName("code: 'instruction' ") ;

There is a special case if you use variables

CmdeName("code1" +variable+ "code2") ;

We will revisit the variables at a latter time

Remember not to forget the semicolon

CmdeName("code)" ;



document.write("your html code");


document.write("<a href='your link' target='_blank'>
<img src='your picture' width='120' height='160' border='0'/>" );


The following example will post AM-NOVICE via a javascript;