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Web Site design


This section is for newbie or novice Web Site Designers.

We try to simplify some of the difficulties you may encounter while designing a web page, or a web site.

We will not go into too much detail, as there are numerous sites that address the subject.


We did include a tutorial on Dreamweaver 8, which is still one of the most used programs for designing a website. Dreamweaver 8 was the last version while Macromedia still owned them, since then, Adobe has taken over, and we are now up to version 10. These have been renamed CS4. Dreamweaver 9 is very similar to 8, and the layout in 10 or CS4 is slightly different, however, once you know how to use Dreamweaver 8, the use of CS4 is very intuitive.

Domain names

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As you developpe your own web-site, it will become important to check your pages with different browsers. Quite often you will unfortunately find discrepencies between the page interpretation of different browsers.

For your benefit

During the developement of the site, we ran into several problems that took us a long time to resolve. We decided to include in this chapter some of the tricks we discovered along the way.