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Connection problems



I have a very strong wireless signal, but I am unable to connect to the internet while at a resort in Cancun Mexico.


Strong wireless signal but no internet


Currently, internet connections use the TCP/IP protocol, (Transmition Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). Indeed, your browser and your email programs both use TCP/IP to connect to the internet.

This protocol should really be named TCP/IPv4, and offers about 4 billion addresses. Unfortunately, the world is fast running out of addresses, hence the introduction of the TCP/IPv6 protocol.

Very briefly, TCP/IPv4 is based on a 32 bit address, while TCP/IPv6 is based on a 128 bit address. This will allow a staggering amount of addresses (3.4 with 38 zero's).

As it is introduced, TCP/IPv6 is initially used in a dual stack mode IPv4/IPv6. This will usualy not create a problem, however, under some Hotel IPv4 setups where an authentication of your computer is required, your Windows XP or Windows Vista computer will not be able to connect to the internet.



Uninstall TCP/IPv6, and use TCP/IP or TCP/IPv4 by itself.

Uninstalling TCP/IPv6


(Left Click) scgsb Control Panel and select Network Connections:


Network connections icon in control panel


scdon any internet connection and select Properties


Opening wireless properties window


TCP/IPv6 uninstall


scgon TCP/IPv6 and select Uninstall.

Re-installing TCP/IPv6

As with the uninstall process, you will have to open up the Network Connection Properties window. The example above was with the wireless connection, but any connection can be selected, since this protocol is used for all internet connections. To illustrate this, we are re-installing TCP/IPv6 via the Local Area Connection Properties window.

Select Install


install new Internet Protocol window


This window will open, and you may have to slide the cursor down until you see Protocol. Select Protocol and press on Add...


select new network protocol


TCP/IP version 6 instalation



Select Microsoft TCP/IPversion6 and press OK.