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explorer window

This is the window through which you can "look" inside your computer, and more precisely into the contents of a folder. This is in fact your Windows XP navigation window. Depending on your selection, you will find files, folders and short-cuts stored on your computer.


My documents window

There are three information zones .

- Zone 1

This is where you will find the contents of your folder (More folders, or files or application shortcuts)

- Zone 2

This zone has three parts, the contents of which change depending on the page selected:

  • File and Folder Tasks
  • Other PLaces
  • Details

If you click on Folder in Zone 3, you will be presented with the organisational tree of your computer on the lest side of the window. This will show the whole structure of your computer, including any Floppy Drives, Hard Drives and CD or DVD drives... If you select a folder in the display tree, you will be shown it's contents directly.

- Zone 3

This area is your navigation area. This area of Windows Explorer works in a very similar way to the navigation area of Internet Explorer, the internet browser of Microsoft Windows.