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Files or folderes

In this chapter, we will show how to create a new folder or a new file from your desktop. This with no other open window. If you are in your explorer window, the procedures are identical.

On your desktop, right click scdto open your options window.

how to make a folder

As you can notice, when you click on NEW, another menu opens up. In this new menu, there are 2 sections that are divided by a separation line:

  • Top part is for folders.
  • Bottom part is for files.

Now all you have to do is chose which action you would like to take.



New Folder

folder selection


New File

text document selection


New Shortcut

shortcut selection


Changing the name

Generaly speaking, the new folder, file or shortcut will already have a name. If not, just scdon the icon, and select rename. You will now be able to type in your desired name for the folder or file etc.