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My computer

For the new computer owner, there seem to be many road-blocks that prevent one from accomplishing the desired action.


What to do?

It is somewhat discouraging to spend many hours in front of the computer with no progress. This is why we developed different themes that contain simple explanations to help you get started with your computer.



Here we will concentrate on Microsoft's Windows XP, which is still the most common operating system (OS). In our next project we will include Windows Vista, which is Microsoft's latest OS. For other systems such as Linux, Unix or Mac OS 10, we recommend for now that you refer to other specialized sites.


Symbols that we will use in our text

For a better understanding, we created several icons:


The mouse


clickg Represents a left click of the mouse.

click2g Represents a rapid double left click of the mouse.

clickd Represents a right click of the mouse.

roulette Represents the scroll wheel of your mouse.

mire Represents a click down on the scroll wheel of the mouse.


Inside windows


Field represents a selectable option

Captured field represents the area where you capture your text

Captured field represents the area where you capture your text with a list of predetermined options you can chose from

Selection represents a selected text by clicking the mouse once

Zone is a location on the window

Button represents a click of the mouse




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Shift Keyboard selection (i.e. shift to capital letter)

Ctrl + C Keyboard selection of several simultaneously keys


That covers the essentials...chapitre