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Build Your Own Desktop Computer

In this section we show the novice or newbie how to build his/her own Desktop Computer also called a Personal Computer or "PC". We do not endorse any one part or manufacturer over any other one. These are simply the parts we chose to build this particular desktop. As these components can be sensitive to static electricity, and the instructions are generic, and can change depending on your setup, we do not take any responsibility for any loss you may suffer. These instructions can also be used for upgrading parts of your assembly.

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1. Equipment and Parts

In this section we simply laid out on our worktable the components we used, and the tools we needed to build this particular computer.

2. Installing the CPU and HSF

This chapter we demonstrate how to install the CPU (Computer Processing Unit), and the HSF (Heat Sink Fan)

3. Installing Memory

This chapter shows how to install the memory.

4. Case and Motherboard

Here we get the case ready, and insert the motherboard.

5. Motherboard Connections

These are the connections to the motherboard.

6. Adding Adapter Cards

Adding adapter cards, such as video cards, or wireless adapters to the motherboard.

7. Rear Case Fan & Complete Assembly

This shows the rear computer case fan as well as the complete finished assemble.

8. Replacing Stock Fan

Replacing the stock fan with one that cools better, or is quieter.