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Case and Motherboard Assembly

Below are the instructions on how to prepare the computer case as well as the motherboard. I have circled the anchor bolts (these are both male and female bolts) that fit into the various holes in the case plate. This hardware is included with your case purchase. You will have to place them to correspond with the predrilled anchor points of your motherboard. On the left side of the case I have circled the location of the motherboard faceplate.

Empty computer case

The faceplate changes with every motherboard, and is provided with you motherboard.

Case and faceplate

The faceplate snaps into place from the inside of the case.

Faceplate instalation inside case view

And now the outside view

outside view of face plate attached to the computer case

The last step in this section is to insert the motherboard into the case and secure it. I have circled some anchor screws. There are two more at the top of the motherboard.

Installing the motherboard into the case

In this picture I have circled some of the screws that secure the motherboard to the case. Make sure you insert the motherboard under the springs of the faceplate. You may have to bend them back so that they do not obstruct the plugging slots, as shown in the top left square shaped circle on the picture above. featured products. Exclusive offers and now and save!