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Motherboard connections

Below we will show you the basic connections that will have to be made to your motherboard. We start with a view from above showing the power connections. These come with your desktop case, provided you have bought one that comes with the power supply. If it did not, then you will have to buy a power supply, and mount it to the case as per the instructions.

Global view of the connections from the power supplt to the motherboard

Here is a juxtaposed close up. On today's motherboards, there are usually two power connections.

Both power connections to the motherboard

Now a global picture of the Hard drive connection, the USB connection and the Case Switches connections.

Hard drive, USB, and Case switch connections

And a close up.

Closeup for Hard Drive Connections, USB, and Case Switch Connections

The left most connection is for the Hard Drive, and is called a SATA connection. In this example the connection (Black) is actually for a front of the Case external SATA connection, and the 2 Red ones are assigned to the Hard Drive. Older installations are of the IDE type, and are slower. They are on the way out, and also cost more than the newer SATA Hard Drives. This is also where you will connect an Optical Drive such as a DVD player or burner.

The middle connections are for USB connections that are probably on the front of the Case.

The connections to the right are for the Case switches such as the power switches, or reset switches, as well as the case speaker. You will have to follow the motherboard manual instructions for the proper connection locations.