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Adding adapter cards

Here we show how to install the Video Card, a Wireless Adapter Card, the Hard Drive and an Optical Drive (DVD Player/Burner). Today's motherboards usually have PCI, PCIe, IDE, SATA slots etc. Make sure with your vendor that you are matching your components to the motherboard correctly. Any reputable store will make sure that all components are compatible.

First you will have to take off the case plugs.

Removal of back case plugs

The Video Card is connected to a PCIe slot (PCI Express). I circled the locking notch. The PCIe slot usually has a little handle that must be unblocked for removal of the video card. To install, line the video card up with the PCIe slot, and firmly press down.

Example of a Video Card

And now a view with the video card installed. Don't forget to secure it with the screw that held the plug in place.

View of the installed video card

Next the wireless adapter card.

Wireless Card setup

And installed. Most Wireless adapters use a PCI interface, although one can now find some with the PCIe interface. Other methods of connecting the desktop computer wirelessly would be via a USB connection and are external adapters. We placed the wireless card in the bottom PCI slot for better cooling of the video card, since we have no current need for both PCI slots.

Installed wireless card adapter

Next comes the Hard Drive. It houses the operating system, and all your data. Here we are attaching it to the mounting plate that came with the case.

Attaching the hard drive to the mounting plate

Next we connect the SATA cable, and the power cable.

Plugging in the SATA cable and the power cable to the Hard Drive

We installed the mounting plate so that all the connections are in the back, hence this picture just shows the connections. As you will notice in the next picture, we routed the cables from the back. It is possible to attach the mounting plate so that the connections face the open face of the case.

Installing the hard drive in the case

Finally the optical drive, shown here with the mounting brackets. These are screwed on either side of the drive.

Optical drive mounting brakets

The optical drive gets inserted through the front of the case in our example. Circled are the side mounting brackets. that hold the DVD player in place.

installed DVD player

The connections in the back of the player are identical to those of the Hard Drive Disk.

Cable connections to the HDD or optical drive