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Replacing the stock fan

There are several reasons to want to replace the stock fan. Two that come to mind are better cooling of the Processor (CPU), and the other is to achieve a lower noise level.

In our example, you will have take out the motherboard, or you can decide to install the new fan before installing the motherboard. If you started with the original fan, you will have to clean off the cooling grease for best results. I used Isopropyl Alcohol.

CPU cleaning supplies

The fan we have chosen is much bigger than the stock fan, and requires a backing plate for extra strength.

Fan backing plate

Once again, don't forget to apply the cooling grease.

Applying cooling grease to the CPU

Mount the fan and secure it on the front assembly bracket.

Mounted cooling fan

This fan came with a fan speed switch shown here.

Fan speed control

You can clearly see the difference in size of the stock fan, and the after market one. It is the bigger diameter of the fan which allows it to spin at a lower speed which gives us both better cooling and less noise.

Comparison of stock and after market fan

Finally once this is done, insert the motherboard back into the case.

Fully assembeled look at the new CPU fan

Even though this is just a little beyond the scope of this site, you can go into the BIOS page, and check the temperature of your CPU

Image of CPU temparature in the BIOS page