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Rodents in the attic


You have rodents such as raccoons in your attic, and you want to get rid of them.

With the introduction of the Organic Waste Programs such as the green bin program in more and more communities and cities around the world, the homeowner will be faced with an increase in the number of nuisance rodents such as the raccoon. These animals are quite smart, and they have discovered that living in the attics of homes is a great shelter for them and an ideal place to have their young.


1 Prevention

The best solution is of course prevention. If you notice an increase in the population of raccoons in your neighbourhood, make sure that they are not able to get onto your roof. Raccoons will usually climb up a tree that has a branch that leads to the roof, and once there, they will try very hard to get into your attic. Some house constructions, or roof line designs will make it a lot easier for the raccoon to get into your attic. Some of the ways raccoons manage to get into the attic is through the soffits. So the simple solution is to cut off any tree branches that would offer access to your roof. Another step that you can take is to secure any vulnerable areas of your roof line with a stainless steel mesh.


Securing the soffit area against potential rodent entry point


2 Removing the rodents

Removing a rodent such as a raccoon from your attic could involve climbing up onto your roof, which involves some danger. If you are unsure about being able to assure your own safety, the solution is to call a professional service, and they will remove the animal humanely. For the Do It Yourself crowd, you will be taking advantage of the fact that the rodents will have to eat.

Raccoon entry point into the attic through the soffit

You will have to fabricate a cage and then attach a trap to catch the raccoon.

Example of raccoon trap

Once the raccoon is trapped, take down the cage, and release the animal. Hopefully you caught it before it had its young, if not, you will have to crawl into the attic and remove them as well, for they cannot survive without food, and you don't want them to die there.